The Soulmates Account Director is THE ONE who:

  • Who can’t sleep without checking to see that the last article is finally edited.
  • Who is keeping an eye on the event’s progress, even when told “it’s all good” by the contracting company.
  • Who worries that clients are not being taken good care of, or that something might go past a deadline.
  • Who’s ready to jump on any project that needs to get done sooner.
  • Who can make sure the C-suite doesn’t have to keep reminding people to get things done and can hold a project’s status in their head at all times.
  • Who probably has their sock drawer organised by colour and who’s car looks as clean as it did on day one (no, we won’t be checking haha).
  • Who will represent the client’s needs even when he or she is not in the room with our team.
  • Who knows how to communicate to people ego-free, to get things done within the team.
  • Who can be a leader, but also a great team player.
  • Who has experience in marketing and project management at relatively similar positions.

This person will win all our major brands in Central Europe and the United States, will be able to handle them well and proudly say they are theirs to manage.

You will be working with our top designers, developers and producers, making clients challenges a reality and inspiring others to join our team because of the quality outcome you will be handing back to our clients.

Your ammunition is budget, timeline, clients, logistics, communication, with the main goal of: New business for our Design & Brand development studio!

Are we looking for you?

Do you feel ready to join our Soulmates team and actively participate in our challenges?

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