#PrepniTo (“Switch it” in English) and Folding@Home Solidarity Challenge from Entrepreneurs.


Posted by Hynek Sochor

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We believe that every crisis brings with it an opportunity to do our very best, to support our local communities and to work together to offer a helping hand where we can.

All over the Czech Republic we are seeing a huge increase in solidarity and it’s increasingly important to do so because, in difficult times like this, countries such as Italy show us awful situations that most of us couldn’t even imagine.

Our Soulmates studio (part of Soulmates Ventures company) is part of a new project called the Folding@Home Solidarity Challenge. This project is designed to challenge other companies and entrepreneurs into offering more of a helping hand, asking them to work on something that could help during this coronavirus pandemic.

We believe that with co-operation from everyone, we will get through this pandemic together. Let’s offer a helping hand in times of crisis.

Here’s what other companies have done so far:

Matous Polak, from WCA Holding, took hundreds of his graphic cards normally used for mining crypto currency and invested them into looking for a cure for Covid-19 instead. By offering the combined computing power of these graphic cards, Folding@Home has helped to simulate the development of a cure for Covid-19.

This virus is in constant and disordered motion which means that a vast number of variants of protein need to be simulated in order to optimize the active substance of the nascent drug. The Folding@Home project itself has been running for several years and has, in the past, used shared computing power to serve scientists to develop a cure for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s.

In the global fight against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, it’s great to see individuals, companies and organizations around the world gradually join forces to speed up the research and subsequent production of a drug against this aggressive virus.

Another project underway is Espoma who, instead of producing cosmetic products, started to produce antibacterial hand creams to help protect more people from the virus.

Perfect Air (part of Soulmates Ventures Acceleration) has also started developing the detection of specific viruses in the air, such as coronavirus which is responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ve also seen many more companies such as Makro (known as Metro globally) helping in ways that aren’t necessarily clinical, but are incredibly helpful none the less – offering their cars to help with food deliveries. The Reservio app has offered their system to book appointments, and several local tailors have been sewing face masks to help protect the population.

So, please, we challenge you to think. How you can adapt in this situation, what you can help with during this pandemic? How you will make the “switch”?