Empower educators with world-class data-collection technology.



Devices to support active experimental activities of pupils.


Founded 2017
Partnered 2020
Acquired 2020


Ondřej Brcháň
Vít Svačina


Martin Malčík

The Edlab interface gets used at schools during physics, biology, chemistry and environmental education using specialised sets of probes, sensors and accessories.

Raising pupils’ interest in learning, better knowledge fixation and improving the atmosphere in classes.

The current generation is closely-knit with information technologies and the technologies are part of their everyday lives. The children need to use what is close to them in the process of acquiring knowledge; something they have experience with and something that fulfills the famous Comenius’ “learning through games”.

When using measuring devices in computer-aided experiments, the teacher has the opportunity to visualize the lectured passages of the curriculum, thus fulfilling the illustrative principle that directly affects pupils’ attention span (this also applies to pupils with learning disabilities) and significantly extends it. When working independently with measuring systems, the pupil can choose the pace of work that suits him/her. They can slowly and carefully read the measured values and save them for later use. The pupil can bring up the results of each measurement and its course at any time. Using additional utility program add-ons, the pupil can use the built-in data analysis functions to fill in the protocol with transmitted measured values in the form of tables and charts. Suddenly, the teacher appears not only as a rigorous examiner, but informs the process of acquiring knowledge from the position of a mentor and tutor. Pupils are encouraged to think independently, create hypotheses and find the right answer to the task with the support of the teacher. This method also has the motivation effect associated with the process of discovering the unknown. A no less important by-product opf this way of teaching is the increasing knowledge and skills in computer literacy.

EdLaB is a Czech provenance plant, the development of which involves teams of teachers and technicians from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovenia. The EdLaB measuring device is connectable to a USB PC port, its skeleton is characterized by high durability suitable for school conditions. The device has ROHS and CE certificates. Approximately 150 attempts were made for teachers for subjects of biology, chemistry, physics, environmental education, geography and physical education for primary and secondary schools. EdLaB employs approximately 500 schools in the Czech Republic.