Our mission is to secure the future sustainability of our planet by accelerating bold, green innovation.

Our Values

  • Decency

    Whilst business can sometimes seem aggressive we are commited to not engaging in unfair or unethical business dealings. Every deal we pursue with the same premise of creating a win-win solution for all involved. We lead with our values and not our egos.

  • Expertise

    To achieve real global impact we select the best partners and mentors to work alongside our start-ups and to always be there for them when needed to steer and guide them.

  • Momentum

    We all know that actions speak louder than words. We never take any opportunity at face value but dig deeper than others to ensure that we always select the right partners to bring the highest probability of economic and environmental success.

  • Efficiency

    Invest smartly in efficiency. Raised capital should never be invested in money draining activities but in companies, products and services that provide strong value and growth potential, particularly in the early stages.

  • Stability

    It is always our aim to invest for the long term. We are not interested in the “fast buck” approach. We create a strong infrastructure in all parts of our business which provides stability for both our clients and investors when moving forward, striving to meet their full potential.

  • Trust

    We understand the value of relationships and partnerships and that they always need to be based on mutual trust. We approach every business dealing with transparency and are never afraid to lay our cards openly on the table.

  • Contribution to Sustainability

    We fulfil our purpose and strategy in investment accelerator by accelerating Purpose-Profit Driven startups.
    Here you can read our Contribution to Sustainability through our activities and partnerships with startup innovators and sustainability-oriented investors. Our mission is to deeper our contribution to sustainability by accelerating bold and innovative ideas, building a more sustainable future.

    You can find the document HERE

    Year 2021

    At the end of each year here is where we publish our impact report. This report includes stories about individual startups we have helped and how each of these projects adds to moving from local to global markets.
    We measure success in two ways – We help society succeed in preparing for the future stability of our planet and help transform local ideas that will have a global impact on the future of the planet.