Our mission is to save our future on this planet by accelerating bold green innovations.

Our Values

  • Decency

    While business can sometimes seem aggressive, we don’t believe in using greedy actions. Every deal we make is always a win-win for everyone or we simply don’t move forwards. We lead with values, not egos.

  • Expertise

    To achieve real global impact, exceptional success is simply not enough. We choose the best partners and mentors to be there when startups need them, whether it’s to validate or consult them.

  • Momentum

    Actions and results speak louder than words. We never settle for face value and always dig deep where others are too lazy to investigate. It’s momentum that gives us the highest probability of economic success.

  • Efficiency

    Invest your money in efficiency and invest smartly. Raise capital should never go to money draining activities, it should be invested in value-generating and customer acquisition actions, especially at the start.

  • Stability

    We always strive for long term sustainable growth rather than a quick shot of success. Instead of flying blind, we provide strong infrastructure when our clients and partners shoot for the stars with their innovations.

  • Trust

    We understand the value of relationships and partnerships, and that both are based on mutual trust. We are always transparent in everything we do and how we do it, and are never afraid of showing what’s behind the curtain.

  • Year 2020

    At the end of each year at this place, we will publish our impact report. Our impact reports include stories about how we helped individual startups and how each of these project deployments adds up to shifting local to global markets.
    We measure success in two ways – We help our societies succeed and help transform local changes that have a global impact on the future of the planet.