Global Partners

  • The International Sustainable Finance Centre (ISFC) is an independent, apolitical and impact-driven non-profit organisation whose aim is to carry out in-depth research on sustainable finance topics.

  • Slamka Consulting provides strategic management and implementation of applied research for visionaries who need to know market predictability.

  • Czech Sustainable Investment Forum – Czech SIF is a membership platform that aims to enable Czech financial market participants to better integrate sustainability principles into their long-term strategy and investment decisions.

  • Forlex has 15 years of team experience in commercial law and corporate law at the highest level.


If you have a following and care about your growing community, you would be the best fit as a community partner. These are, typically, masterminds and co-working centres who are looking for someone who can provide focused workshops and top speakers. Or maybe you have an online magazine where we can partner on a podcast together and spread the word.


If you are looking for someone who can help you apply services from our startup companies, you would be the best fit for an innovation partner. For example, we can connect our startup founders to corporations who desperately need their technology.


These are the places and events where we were part of and you could meet us there.



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We’re very thrilled having Soulmates Ventures at our back. It’s refreshing to be guided by experts in the field.

Michal Uhlář,

Using the leverage of being a part of Soulmates Ventures is what helped us along the way of our group intent rediscover.

Martin Malčík,

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