energy independence

How can we switch from using Russian fossil fuels to being energy independent in Europe? We have to put the Green Deal back on the table, but revamp it.

While the people of Ukraine defend themselves against the Russian army, Europe is still withdrawing natural gas from rich reserves in Russia’s Siberia. With Putin holding this strategic material in his hands, it is much harder for the EU to effectively help Ukraine. What’s the solution? Europe needs to be energy independent through an updated Green Deal.


What COP26 brought to our planet? Slight progress and hope for more constructive action to come.

The COP26 Conference in Glasgow didn’t bring us the certainty of keeping the Earth’s rising temperature at 1.5 C degrees, but it did give us signs of hope in other important areas. There was a promise made by these governments to come back next year with Paris-aligned near-term targets of stronger 2030 emissions reduction. Let’s dig down further into COP26 outcomes, to better understand the current situation.


Agriphotovoltaics, the synergy between solar panels and agriculture has the potential to solve 2 global problems.

When it comes to solar panels, one of the key requirements is their adaptability. Solar panels need to be installed in different shapes, in different places, made from different materials and installed at different angles too. In fact, adaptability is an aspect that is most in focus in the R&D of renewable resources. And we will introduce you one of the solutions called Agriphotovoltaics.

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