A word from the Chairman of the board

Being cohesive and solidary actually means being honest and adhering to moral principles. Cohesion, solidarity, honesty and morality are the foundation of our ethical code of conduct. Soulmates Ventures a.s. is ready to conduct its business in line with the highest standards of ethics in all areas of its activities, and to fulfill its strategy and vision.

Our Code of Conduct has been developed to protect our community and create a legitimately positive reputation for us and our business. The Code contains simple guidelines that help us act honestly, with integrity and respect. It sets the framework within which we can act freely and comply with the law. Our Code of Conduct expresses the values of Soulmates Ventures a.s., which we believe in and which provide the basis for building mutual trust. In such an approach, we see the key to our long-term success.

Ing. Hynek Sochor – Founder & Chairman of the Board





Soulmates Ventures a.s. behaves responsibly in connection with the ethical and moral issues that arise from its activities. We expect the same from our employees, co-workers and business partners, and expect their behavior to also be consistent with high moral credentials. A set of corporate moral principles serves Soulmates Ventures a.s. as guidelines that we observe in everyday practice and in morally controversial situations.

The Code of Conduct of Soulmates Ventures a.s. applies to all its employees, including those from its subsidiaries. Employees are required to become acquainted with it. If they are invited to take part in a code of conduct training, they are obliged to take part in the training. When anyone in our company finds themselves in a morally difficult situation and does not know which steps to take next, they contact their supervisor and together they deal with the situation as best as they can. The superior should have such personal qualities to become a worthy moral example to follow.

We expect our suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders to respect the ethical principles of this text and adhere to them.


Contact on authorized persons: Václav Gregor – CEO & Co-Founder,


Decency – While business can sometimes seem aggressive, we don’t believe in using greedy actions. Every deal we make is always a win-win for everyone or we simply don’t move forwards. We lead with values, not egos.

Expertise – To achieve real global impact, exceptional success is simply not enough. We choose the best partners and mentors to be there when startups need them, whether it’s to validate or consult them.

Momentum – Actions and results speak louder than words. We never settle for face value and always dig deep where others are too lazy to investigate. It’s momentum that gives us the highest probability of economic success.

Efficiency – Invest your money in efficiency and invest smartly. Raise capital should never go to money draining activities, it should be invested in value-generating and customer acquisition actions, especially at the start.

Stability – We always strive for long term sustainable growth rather than a quick shot of success. Instead of flying blind, we provide strong infrastructure when our clients and partners shoot for the stars with their innovations.


We play by the rules



Soulmates Ventures a.s. is a fair company. We respect the laws, regulations and standards, both written and non-written. We are clearly opposed to any form of bribery and corruption, we do not create the supply for it nor we satisfy the demand.

Members of Soulmates Ventures a.s. deal with each other and with other people with respect and courtesy. Our solid moral principles prefer interpersonal equality, including gender, racial, religious, social and cultural equality. Soulmates Ventures a.s. is firmly opposed to sexual harassment, discrimination, humiliation, and aggression, both in and out of the workplace. Such an attitude guarantees everyone concerned the right to be heard, without any fear of punishment or scorn.

Soulmates Ventures a.s. is a place where an employee spends a significant part of their day, it is, therefore, our principle to create a safe workplace in a broad sense. All of our workplaces are non-smoking, and unless otherwise determined by the management in exceptional situations, alcohol is not consumed.


We at Soulmates Ventures a.s. are aware that information is what makes value and profit in the 21st century. We only collect information for legitimate and business purposes. We never lie about the information we receive, we do not obscure relevant facts, and we do not manipulate anyone in order to get it. It goes without saying that we are proceeding in accordance with good manners and the law, and thus we do not interfere with data protection in any way, nor we steal any data. Respecting intellectual property is our second nature.


We acknowledge that certain information is confidential and we take full responsibility for protecting this status. That is why in Soulmates Ventures a.s. we naturally secure our computers and data stored on any type of media. We keep careful records of an overview of what data we collect and where it is stored.

Anyone who shows the interest may access their data, which Soulmates Ventures a.s. has collected. If the data is collected directly by this institution, the concerned person of interest is informed in advance that their data is being collected and the nature and purpose of the collection are disclosed as well. If the analysis process does not require it, sufficient anonymity is always retained and the data is generalized, and conclusions from these analyses are presented with care and sensitivity.


Those who handle the assets of Soulmates Ventures a.s., never do so for private financial gain and use the assets honestly, legitimately, responsibly and representatively. Every relevant person is required to actively protect corporate know-how, not to deal with it without the consent of management and to respect the know-how of other companies – all in accordance with the law and good manners. After termination of work for the company, each person is required to return all the company’s data and assets without delay.


In any job position in Soulmates Ventures a.s., we advocate that conflicts of interest be avoided while recognizing the right to a fair and rightful reward for the work completed. We also actively promote measures and approaches against “money laundering” – if anyone within a company bound by this Code encounters suspicious activities (payments of small amounts to more than one account, payment of a larger amount in cash and similar) of business partners or clients, they immediately consult these with their supervisor.


In Soulmates Ventures a.s., our main goal is always to protect the interests of clients, and all other business strategies adapt to this goal. Our long-term efforts are focused on the safety, quality and improvement of our products and services.


At Soulmates Ventures a.s. we care about how the world sees us, so we actively co-create the public image of our company. We know that deeds speak for themselves, and so we stick to the rule that everyone in the company either works as best as they can and are delighted and motivated by a job well done, or they don’t do it at all, and rather find some other, more meaningful job for them. Only such people can honestly talk about the company in good spirits and participate actively in the creation of its good name – to represent it with the joy and pride of belonging to the work team. They become society-wide model worthy of following, they are not afraid to admit their own mistakes, learn from them and take responsibility for them.

We are also committed to representing and spreading democratic values and the heritage of European humanism; to environmental and social responsibility, and responsibility towards both traditions and future generations.


Every employee is always required to distinguish between personal and corporate opinion when discussing issues related to Soulmates Ventures a.s. over social networks. They are aware of their commitment to the company and therefore try to represent the company positively in the virtual space and to publish only that data and opinions that the company has already made public.


We at Soulmates Ventures a.s. are aware that the market has its legislative and moral rules within which market participants can behave freely. That is why we respect and through our activities impersonate the principles of fair market competition. We focus on our own performance, not only in the aspect of growth but also in the broadest possible social benefit, while not limiting in any way the benefits of competition. We try to inspire our competitors and we too draw on the experience of the best for the benefit of all.


Soulmates Ventures a.s. recognizes, deploys and develops a sustainable business model in all its activities. We are interested in uncovering and realizing the externalities – the costs that shift to others: in the economic, cultural and social areas – we are making the effort necessary for their possible mitigation or eventual elimination. Because the ultimate motive of the company’s efforts is not to maximize profit growth but to improve the quality of life of people and other beings, ecosystems, and of other values, we feel responsible for the events inside and outside the company, and we try to balance the possible problematic aspects of our actions as fully as possible.


Soulmates Ventures a.s. recognizes, deploys and develops a sustainable business model in all its activities. We are interested in uncovering and realizing the externalities – the costs that shift to others: in the economic, cultural and social areas – we are making the effort necessary for their possible mitigation or eventual elimination. Because the ultimate motive of the company’s efforts is not to maximize profit growth but to improve the quality of life of people and other beings, ecosystems, and of other values, we feel responsible for the events inside and outside the company, and we try to balance the possible problematic aspects of our actions as fully as possible.


At Soulmates Ventures a.s. we know that we are part of a bigger and are not indifferent to its condition. Respect for human rights and freedoms is a prerequisite for the establishment of business relations in many of our activities. That is why we are actively interested in who our clients are, where they come from and why they want to use our services. At the same time, we strictly reject any part in services and products originating in child labor.


We at Soulmates Ventures a.s. know that healthy relationships are the basis for any activity, a value we respect and promote. That is why we care about the state of the community in which are active. We strive to build the healthiest relationships, both individually and socially, with respect to traditions, customs, courtesy, and social standards.


In Soulmates Ventures a.s. we are aware that a gift is the embodiment of goodwill. We, therefore, do not prohibit the provision and receipt of small gifts in order to build good relationships. However, these manifestations of goodwill must never be of a financial nature. We distinguish between reasonable and disproportionate gifts; the latter we politely and with respect reject. Whether we receive or provide a gift for the purpose of building relationships to represent our company, we always inform our superior about it; we record and publish these activities – transparency is a must here. We never receive gifts from politicians or politically publically engaged people, nor do we give gifts in any form to them – the relationships with these people are always based on mutual respect and equality.




Soulmates Ventures a.s. is built on the foundation of a high-level corporate culture that we respect, maintain and further develop. Corporate culture is an indispensable value for us, so we have the following rule: “Have you noticed immoral behavior in the company? Report it! Without fear of revenge!”

Those who have been seen in a minor breach of corporate culture, on the basis of this code of conduct, will be rebuked, either by colleagues or by direct superiors. If the violation of the high ethical standards at Soulmates Ventures a.s. is repeated or exceeds a certain limit or is particularly serious, a Disciplinary Commission is established, which has the right and duty to solve the morally conflicting situation in view of its seriousness and prevent its further spread. It uses tools that are consistent with our corporate culture and good manners. In situations of a particularly serious violation of good morals, the Disciplinary Commission enters in civil litigation proceedings with the culprit or culprits.


 We play by the rules

 We behave morally and professionally

 We respect and protect privacy

 We do not misuse entrusted assets

 We trade ethically

 We conduct responsible marketing

 We care about relationships and communities

 We behave in a manner worthy of following

 We work objectively

 We learn from the best and our own mistakes

 We approach all things responsibly

 Our intentions and actions are of high integrity

 We care about the future and the traditions

 We do everything as best as we can

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