We are a green investing accelerator designed for your growth.

Go-to-Market Layer

Go-To-Market layer is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs who know they have a viable company and unique product in their hands. One that is capable of making a huge impact and becoming a fast-growing company with a big revenue stream, but struggling with certain phases of entrepreneurship and company building.

How do you know you are qualified

— Tested MVP and working prototype (you need to have a real product even if it’s in early stages, have clarity on what you are selling and have data to support the market interest).
— Functional marketing producing measurable results showcasing the validity of your idea.
— Small base customer base.*
— At least 2-3 full-time people on your team, excluding you (you should have your core team with the right set of skills nailed down, complementing what your business needs and what you are not good at).

Ownership of your intellectual property and technology you are developing is a must (we can help speed it up and secure the necessary legal papers).

How it works

Our 1st layer is designed to fast track you from the stage of less than $100k revenue and functional MVP to a solid product, with a working marketing model and internal company processes, a skilled team and partners behind your back and a healthy cash flow.

All this within 3 months or less, with the goal of raising new capital with confidence (you should be aiming for Series A).

What you get

– Connection to investors and access to capital
– Proven marketing strategies to quickly target new customers
– Team of veteran entrepreneurs to consult with every week
– The predictable and scalable business model for your team to grow

You won’t get the typical mentors pitch or external agency pitch, everyone is part of our team, we are motivated by your success and we will consult on everything together.

Who is it not for

– Idea stage
– 0 customers and 0 revenue
– Before MVP
– One Man Show
– Resellers of 3rd party apps
– Consultants or typical agencies who don’t have their own product (it’s okay to have a service-based product in your offering or product portfolio)
– Founders with a high ego who are not open to get help and change their ways of thinking or doing

How we support you

– New product validation and pivoting
– Clarity focus for development and marketing
– Extensive sales coaching
– Employee scouting tactics and on-boarding strategies
– Tactics to beat procrastination
– Workshops on modern leadership
– Strategies to develop a healthier and successful mindset which is the driving force behind everything you do in life and business
– Investor pitch prep for successful investor meetings
– Narrow down your USP to increase view-to-sale conversion
– Help you launch high performance-based acquisition campaigns and much more
CLICK HERE to take a detailed look into our programs.

*If you don’t qualify, don’t worry, send us an email regardless. Just kindly let us know if you don’t qualify and we will recommend the right course of action for you.

We can either work with your current investor or help you with the new partner.

If you want to raise capital, typical investments for our startups at this stage is 100,000 € to 500,000 €.

Scaling Layer

Scaling layer is designed for entrepreneurs who have a functioning company with a revenue of a minimum of 500k € and at least 12 months in business. You should be preparing for a series A investment round or already have a second investment.

How do you know you are qualified

– You have functional processes within the company.
– Everyone on your team has a set position and they know what they are doing.
– Your team probably has anywhere between 6-15+ people in house.
– You are not relying on external contractors or agencies (you can outsource, just not the core).
– You have a 2nd or 3rd product iteration that is validated on real customers and probably are working on various upsell or cross sell products.
– You most likely have a joint venture partner or affiliates.
– You have good results from media campaigns and are getting leads both organically and from ads.
– In the past 3-5 months you’ve experienced growth, but may feel like you are stagnating or hitting the wall.
– Your gross revenue is over 35k € MRR.

How it work

This is where we bring in the big guns, Scaling is our most intensive program. It’s a 6-month journey filled with experienced mentorship from veterans among entrepreneurs and executives, but also extremely skilled young guns. You can look for huge breakthroughs in your business models, and super specific market fit iterations and disruptive marketing campaigns designed to get you to desired results fast, and 10x your current results.

What you get

– Strategies for growing your business.
– Extensive team workshops on marketing and sales.
– Access to our realisation and marketing team to help you build and launch all the campaigns.
– Access to potential business partners and joint venture partners.
– Proven models from real entrepreneurs that you can work with step by step.
– Backing and help for raising new capital including introductions to investors.

Who is it not for

– Companies who are struggling to get off the ground
– Companies playing with MVPs and getting their first customers (Click here to see our 3months Go-To-Market Program)

How we support you

– You get to use our team of experts to help you move faster
– We communicate daily online and we have weekly meetings to see if you are hitting your numbers or if you are finding any roadblocks
– You get invited to our events

*If you don’t qualify, don’t worry, send us an email regardless. Just kindly let us know if you don’t qualify and we will recommend the right course of action for you.

We can either work with your current investor or help you with the new partner.

If you want to raise capital, typical investments for our startups at this stage is 200,000 € to 600,000 €.

Equity Success Layer

Equity success track layer is designed for entrepreneurs who have a well established company with a high gross revenue and high customer base in relation to market size. You will also have been in business long enough to be seen as a business with proven and trustable proven record. The goal is to sell the company to a private buyer or exit it to a bigger player, leaving the company completely in less than 3 years, or stepping down from the day to day operations while keeping a smaller equity share (both options are possible).

How do you know you are qualified

– You want to exit your company but don’t know how to get a good offer, or you don’t want to sign the wrong legal document or exit too early
– You want to keep shares at your company but don’t want to run it
– You feel like your company is very successful but it has hit a plateau, which can be both boring and frustrating

How it works:

You work with us on day to day basis to analyse weak spots within your organisation. We help you put your legal, admin and finances in order and, if necessary, provide team coaching or even get you the right (acting-temporary) management to partially run the company. We then help you find the right buyer for the right price and guide you through the process step by step so you don’t sign something that would mean you shoot yourself in the foot.

What you get

– Crisis management
– Aggressive takeover prevention
– Aggressive growth at late stages
– Crisis analysis
– Evaluation for exit/IPO
– Acting interim-management
– Fast revenue loss prevention
– Preparing for late investment stages
– Setting up grounds for exit
– Access to potential buyers
– Negotiating terms on your behalf
– Legal and strategy guidance for exit terms

Who is it not for

– A company with small teams (2-10people)
– A growing company in the early stages
– A company before series A round with a small to medium angel/seed investment size
– A company making less than 1.8mil € ($2mil) gross revenue annually in a large market cap (100mil € + market cap)

How we support you

Growth, expansion, acquisition and buyout with trusted guidance.

*If you don’t qualify, don’t worry, send us an email regardless. Just kindly let us know if you don’t qualify and we will recommend the right course of action for you.

We can either work with your current investor or help you with the new partner.

If you want to raise capital, typical investments for our startups at this stage is 300,000 € to 700,000 €.

What we provide beyond funding?

  • Access to investors, but also to corporates, and strategic partners.

  • One to one time with Soulmates Ventures experts & mentors.

  • Office hours for your use in workspace in New York, Prague, Ostrava.

  • Access to professional business coaches around hiring, HR, sales, and customer profile discovery.

  • We are delivering the predictable scalable model for your team to grow

  • What we expect from you

    1) We invest time, money and know-how into the selected company, so we expect openness, willingness to cooperate across the line of trouble-free realisations and to leave your comfort zone.

    2) We will open our personal and professional networks to you, so we expect companies to carefully manage these trusted relationships.

    3) Being a Soulmates Ventures portfolio company means representing the Soulmates Ventures brand. We expect you to maintain this at a high level.

    • Minimum number of team members


    • Minimum number of prototypes


    • Minimum number of customers


    • Minimum income for the last year

      0.1M €

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    Learn more about our process, team behind the company & our plans for future.

    Our Pillars

    Our eight pillars

    This is not a full list, but rather a collection of solutions that are most fitting to us and our partners. We encourage companies to apply even if they do not fall within one of these specific categories.

    • Air
    • Water
    • Energy
    • Healthcare
    • Food & AG
    • Mobility
    • Education
    • Circular Economy

    What we do not fund

    • Project Developers (solar, wind, storage, etc.) selling third party products
    • Consulting firms
    • Marketing or PR agencies
    • Non-profits
    • World-changing ideas without a prototype
    • Companies with fewer than two full-time team members

    Where do we fund our projects?

    Our Approach

  • 1.

    We prevent crisis and founders from putting their trust in the wrong partners, spending money on ineffective marketing campaigns and wasting time on figuring out tiresome sales processes.

  • 2.

    We have ready to go systems, proven mentors and we put founders on the right path to market domination.

  • 3.

    We help startups through series of well documented processes, tested systems and the right partnership, so the founders don’t have to walk the path of uncertainty alone.

  • 4.

    When investors hire us, we help them manage the portfolio by going into the SME or startup and treating it as it would be our company. From leadership coaching for the founder and economic analysis to setting up the right sales processes and building marketing channels, optimising value proposition to customer acquisition campaigns.

  • 5.

    Everything is designed for smart, efficient money investing with set KPIs and cash flow expectations coming back the full circle of the investment.

  • 6.

    When investors invest with us they are investing in proven startups, which come through our acceleration program. They will be more aware of the right marketing, sales and leaderships strategies necessary for their success, not the average clueless startup on the market who may just waste their money.

  • 7.

    We also place a strong focus on sustainable economy and environmental impact.

  • Program content

  • Part 1 — Kickoff Week

    Group comes together for the first time for a week of workshops and facilitated discussions that advance companies toward key inflection points and introduces them to our local ecosystem.

  • Part 2 — Online and in-person 9-month modules

    All CEOs and at least one other full-time team member are required to participate in all modules for the first 9-month of the program.

  • Part 3 — Alumni

    After completing the program you participate in one or two of the modules in the following years to continue building relationships among companies and partners, share your learnings, and seek new investment and partnership opportunities within our ecosystem.

  • Download our Whitepaper (CZ)

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