We are a green investing accelerator designed to speed your growth.

Go-to-Market Layer

The Go-To-Market layer is designed for ambitious entrepreneurs who know they have a viable company and unique product in their hands. One that is capable of making a huge and positive impact and becoming a fast-growing company with a strong revenue stream, but that is struggling with certain aspects of entrepreneurship and company building.

Do you qualify?

— Tested MVP and working prototype (you need to have a real product, even if it’s in the early development stage, have clarity on what you are offering and data supporting potential market interest).
— Functional market research demonstrating measureable results on the market viability of the product/service.
— Small existing customer base.
— Minimum team of 2-3 full time staff, excluding yourself (you should have a core team equipped with the right skills sets complementing the needs of your business and support in areas where you personally do not excel).

Ownership of your intellectual property and the technology you are developing is a must (we can help speed up securing the necessary legal documentation).

How it works

Our 1st layer is designed to fast track you from the stage of less than $100k revenue and a functional MVP to a viable and solid product with working marketing model, internal company structure and processes, a skilled team behind you and a healthy cash flow.

All this within 3 months maximum with the goal of raising new capital with confidence (you should be aiming for Series A).

What you get

– Connection to investors and access to capital.
– Proven marketing strategies to quickly target new customers.
– Team of experienced entrpreneurs available for weekly consultation.
– A predictable and scalable business model to enable your team to grow.

You won’t get typical mentors or external agency pitch. Everyone is part of the team, we are motivated by your success and will consult with you on everything.

Who is it not for

– Still at idea stage.
– Zero customer base / zero revenue.
– No MVP.
– One man show.
– Reseller of 3rd party products.
– Consultants or agencies without their own product (it’s OK to have a service – based product in your offering or portfolio).
– Company founders with large ego who are unwilling to accept advice in changing their methods and thinking.

How we support you

– New product evaluation.
– Clear focus on development and marketing.
– Extensive sales coaching.
– Employee scouting and hiring tactics.
– Tactics to overcome time wasting.
– Workshops focusing on modern leadership.
– Strategies to develop a healthy and successful mindset that then becomes the driving force behind all you do in both life and business.
– Pitch prep for successful investor meetings.
– Narrow your USP profile to increase view-to-scale conversion.
– Help in launching high performance-based acquisition campaigns and much more.
CLICK HERE and take a detailed look at our programs.

*If you don’t qualify, don’t worry, send us an email regardless. Just kindly let us know if you don’t qualify and we will recommend the right course of action for you.

We can work either with your current investor or introduce a new partner.

If you are seeking capital, typical investments for our start-ups currently range for 50,000€ – 1,000,000€.

Scaling Layer

The Scaling Layer is designed for entrepreneurs and developers that have a functioning company with a revenue stream of minimum 500k€ and at least 12 months business experience. You should be preparing for a Series A investment round or already have a second investment.

Do you qualify?

– You have functioning systems and processes in place within the company.
– Each team member has a dedicated task and clearly understands their role.
– Your in-house team probably has from 6 –15 members.
– You are not relying on external contractors or agencies for your core work (you can outsource, but not for core procedures).
– You have 2nd or 3rd product iteration validated through real customer trials and are probably working on various upsell or cross sell products.
– You probably have a JV partner or affiliates.
– You are obtaining good results from media campaigns and generating leads both organically and via advertising.
– Over the past 4-5 months you have experienced growth but feel you are now facing a slow-down in forward momentum, as if you are hitting a wall.
– Your gross revenue is more than 35k€ MRR.

How it works

This is where we bring in the big guns. Scaling is our most intensive program. It involves a 6 month journey filled with mentorship from experienced veteran entrepreneurs and executives and also some extremely skilled young guns. You can achieve huge breakthroughs in business models and super specific market fit iterations along with marketing campaigns that will achieve 10x your current results, and fast.

What you get

– Strategies to produce business growth.
– Extensive team worshops on marketing and sales.
– Access to our realisation and marketing team to advise on building and launching all campaigns.
– Introduction to both potential business and VC partnerships.
– Proven models from successful entrtepreneurs that you can work with step by step.
– Support and assistance in raising new capital and introductions to potential investors.

Who is it not for

– Companies that are struggling to get off the ground.
– Companies toying with MVP’s and seeking their first customers (Click here to see our 3 months Go-To-Market Program).

How we support you

– Access to our team of experts to move forward faster.
– Daily online communication and weekly meetings to ensure you are hitting your numbers and help resolve any “roadblock” issues you are experiencing.
– Invitation to our events.

*If you don’t qualify, don’t worry, send us an email regardless. Just kindly let us know if you don’t qualify and we will recommend the right course of action for you.

We can either work with your current investor or help you with the new partner.

If you want to raise capital, typical investment for our startups at this stage is 200,000€  to 1,000,000€.

Equity Success Layer

The Equity Success Layer is designed for entrepreneurs and developers who have a well established business with strong gross revenues and broad customer base in relation to market size. You have been in business long enough to be viewed as a trusted entity with a proven track record.
The goal is to sell the company either to a private buyer or exit to a bigger player with a view to leaving the company completely in less than 3 years, or alternatively stepping aside from the day to day operations whilst retaining a smaller equity share. Both options are possbile.

Do you qualify?

– You want to exit your company but are unclear how to get the best offer, don’t want to exit too early or are concerned you may sign wrong legal documents.
– You wish to retain your company shares but do not actively want to run the operation.
– You feel your company, whilst successful, seems to have reached a plateau and need advice on how to move forward.

How it works

You will work with us on a day to day basis to identify and analyse weak spots within your organisation. We help in putting your legal, admin and finances in order and if necessary provide team coaching. We could even provide suitable (acting-temporary)
management to take over partial running of the company. Following on we would help in finding the right buyer at the right price and steer you through the legal process step by step to prevent you signing something that would be to your disadvantage.

What you get

– Crisis analysis.
– Crisis management.
– Prevention of aggressive takeovers.
– Strong growth at late stages.
– Exit / IPO evaluation.
– Acting interim managemant.
– Revenue loss prevention.
– Preparation for late investment stages.
– Preparation of exit strategy.
– Access to potential buyers.
– Negotiating exit terms and strategies on your behalf.
– Legal guidance for exit.

Who is it not for

– A company with a small team of less than 10 members.
– An early stage company that is still growing.
– A company not yet in a Series A round with small to medium angel / seed invstment size.
– A company with annual gross revenue less than 1.8m€ operating in a large market cap (100m€ + market cap).

How we support you

Growth, expansion, acquisition and buyout with trusted guidance.

*If you don’t qualify, don’t worry, send us an email regardless. Just kindly let us know if you don’t qualify and we will recommend the right course of action for you.

We can either work with your current investor or help you with the new partner.

If you want to raise capital, typical investments for our startups at this stage is 400,000€ to 1,000,000€.

What we provide beyond funding?

  • Access to investors, corporates and strategic partnerships.

  • One on one with Soulmates Ventures experts and mentors.

  • Office hours workspace in New York, Prague and Ostrava.

  • Access to professional business coaching regarding hiring, HR, sales, customer profile identification and approach strategy.

  • We provide a predictable, scalable business model to enable your team to grow.

  • What we expect from you

    1) We invest time, money and know-how into the selected company and therefore we expect transparency,
    a willingness to co-operate and to achieve trouble free realisation which may sometimes require you to step outside your comfort zone.

    2) We will open our personal and professional networks to you, thus we expect you to act responsibly
    and carefully managing these trusted relationships.

    3) Being a Soulmates Ventures porfolio company means representing the Soulmates Ventures brand. We expect you to maintain the highest standards at all times.

    • Minimum number of team members


    • Minimum number of prototypes


    • Minimum number of customers


    • Minimum income for the last year

      0.1M €

    Want to be a part of the Soulmates Ventures ecosystem?

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    Our Pillars

    Our eight pillars

    This is not a complete list but rather a collection of topics that we see as best fit for us and our partners. We encourage companies to apply even if they do not fall within the topics listed.

    • Air
    • Water
    • Energy
    • Healthcare
    • Food & Agri.
    • Mobility
    • Education
    • Circular Economy
    • Others

    What we do not fund

    • Project Developers (solar, wind, storage, etc.) selling third party products
    • Consulting firms
    • Marketing or PR agencies
    • Non-profits
    • World-changing ideas without a prototype
    • Companies with fewer than two full-time team members

    Where do we fund our projects?

    Our Approach

  • 1.

    We prevent company leaders from putting their trust in unreliable partners, wasting money and time on ineffective marketing strategies and realising strong sales policies.

  • 2.

    We have ready prepared and proven systems and mentors which lead to our selected entrepreneurs taking the right path to market success.

  • 3.

    Through a system of well documented and tested systems, processes and selected partnerships, we avoid the often troubled path a company faces in the early stages of development.

  • 4.

    When we are taken on board we help in managing the portfolio by treating it as if it were our own company. From initial leadership coaching to setting up the most suitable sales processes and marketing channels we steer the business to achieve a broad and viable customer base.

  • 5.

    Everything is designed for smart, efficient investing with set KPI’s and cash flow predicitons coming back full circle of the investments.

  • 6.

    Investing with SV means investing in proven start-ups which have developed through our acceleration programme. They will be wholly aware of the leadership and marketing skills and strategies required to bring a high level of success for the benefit of all parties involved.

  • 7.

    We place a strong emphasis on a sustainable economy and environmental impact.

  • Program content

  • Part 1 — Kickoff Week

    Group comes together for a week of workshops and discussions that advance the understanding of key points and introduced them to our local ecosystem.

  • Part 2 — Online and in-person 9-month modules

    All CEO’s and at least one full-time team member are required to participate in all modules for the first 9 months of the programme.

  • Part 3 — Alumni

    Following completion of the program you will be required to participate in one or two modules in the following years to continue to build relationships among companies and partners, share your experiences and seek new investment and partnership opportunities within our ecosystem.