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Why green?

Why not? The world is changing rapidly. After a dotcom boom and a mobile boom, technology has made our life much more comfortable and easy, but this has come at a cost. A cost that is now threatening our environment that we live in and, in some cases, our lives as well. It’s only predicted to get worse in the next 30 years. We believe that bold entrepreneurs will change the course we are headed towards and we are here to support them.

How are you different?

We are not an investment fund that gives you money and then expects you to know what to do with it at such an early stage. We are not an incubator or accelerator taking money from your startup. We are not an agency jumping from one client to another.

We are the only green investing accelerator in Central Europe. Your partner in business. Someone you can rely on when it gets tough.

What is economy of sustainability?

In our eyes economy of sustainability refers to a way of doing business that can sustain long term economic growth without negatively impacting social and environmental areas. We believe we can have a high human living standard without having to sacrifice the environment around us and thus avoid catastrophic scenarios due to our footprint. In order to secure a long lasting growth, we sometimes have to take a step back to be able to take two forward. Uncontrolled growth at all cost while draining resources is not something that we are willing to tolerate.

We are strong believers in being responsible whilst growing and that quick “overnight” success is not the way to go. This is also why we choose carefully who we partner or invest in, because we don’t want to end up going in 20 different directions and expect to make one success. Our strategy is to pick a few strong startups or SMEs and give them all the resources and help needed for success, it’s usually not about the money. This results in a much higher success rate than usual.

What is your experience?

We have successfully launched over 200 projects under our two agencies. We’ve kept the main team, that has worked on projects under brands such as Ikea, BMW and Mastercard, and we bring this know-how and experience to small companies and startups. You can expect both funding for your project (if you choose to) and true expertise that you can leverage to build upon.

Do you have any successful exits?

Yes, while we’ve seen it first hand and directly participated in the development of over 215 companies, the most recent ones being startups such as Apify and Twisto that have both raised significant amounts of funding, what we believe to be more important is that we’ve personally exited several of our own companies (valued at over $20 million). And have managed companies with a combined customer list of over 10 million paying customers. Thus, we know how to prepare you for it and what you need to do in order to exit your company successfully.

What makes us the right partner?

We are in it for the win! We share both the good and the bad along side you. We invest our money, credibility and the return on our time and energy with you in this partnership. So it’s our mission to make sure you have everything you need.

What can you offer me?

If you are representing a startup or SME we can help you with funding, give you guidance from someone who has been in your shoes, the right step by step program, true mentors, business strategies that work, and a team who can help you get it done. This is the true definition of not just smart money, but a partnership. We want you to succeed, because we only make bank if you do. That’s why we pay such close attention, to make sure you are good to go by providing leaderships or mindset workshops to make sure your processes are dialled down and your product is being sold to customers.

What partners are you looking for?

We have three levels of partnerships. Click here to see.

What can you offer to investors?

We can offer a new way of investing into startups that does not come with a huge risk and fear of losing all of your money. We are a partner that is there to not just pay attention, but to prevent wrong steps (e.g. buying expensive cars for the founders), and also provide the right knowledge and guidance. We hold private mindset workshops and talk to founders on a regular basis and guide them through challenges. We also have in house skilled mentors ready to teach, show and provide anything from accounting manpower to marketing strategy.

How do I apply for funding?

Head over to our application here to see if you qualify.

What if I don't qualify? (due to business stage, industry, location, product, etc.)

Don’t worry, we may open different programs in the near future. We also have other partner companies such as a green incubator for very early companies and ideas. Send us an email with details of your projects, then we can review it and let you know what you should do next. And definitely join our newsletter to stay updated.

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