#ChranimTebe – FaceMask Challenge to increase public health and decrease spreading of Covid-19.

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Posted by Hynek Sochor

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We’ve helped to create a new challenge. One so important that it saves lives. The FaceMask Challenge has been built to quickly improve the health of the general public and essentially slow down the speed at which Covid-19 is spreading.

The premise is to show people the best ways possible to prevent the virus from spreading, encouraging methods such as social isolation, spending less time outside and of course wearing a face mask or some type of veil. And, most importantly, how to make a face mask at home.

Soulmates are proud to be part of this new non profit project launch. Speed was essential. The goal was to launch it as soon as possible and help co-ordinate the campaign with Werk Agency, currently launching in Czech Republic, both using traditional media such as TV and online magazines.

The speed at which this challenge launched (less than 3 days) is incredible and shows the power of social media and what can happen when people collaborate together. Now users have one incredibly useful place, with all important information on how it spreads, how a face mask helps, how you can make one at home and why it matters.

Influencers and famous celebrities add a certain social proof to this challenge and make it “cooler” to wear a face mask, especially among the younger generation, so it was important to involve them in our strategy.

Under the leadership of Tomáš Mrkvička, the team behind this project were quick at putting together dozens of A-level Czech celebrities and influencers, and promoting the step by step routines to help prevent the spread of the disease Covid19.

A big thanks goes to the project partners and sponsors who have already bought media time because, without them, we would never be able to get it to television.

We encourage all of you: Stay home, work from home and, when you go outside or absolutely have to be around people, wear a face mask. Even a homemade face mask can prevent you from spreading the virus, whether you feel healthy or not.