Soulmates Ventures: Who we are.


Posted by Hynek Sochor

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Soulmates Ventures is a green-investing accelerator company designed to help businesses dominate their market. With a strong focus on social impact and environmental sustainability, we help accelerate companies that sit at the exciting intersection between world-class technology and innovative solutions.

We have the skills and systems to help companies expand — Investors don’t want to gamble with their investment decisions, they want to invest wisely in results-oriented teams. We help founders maximise the skills of their team and their company, making them more desirable to investors.

Solving a global problem — Environmental problems are growing much faster than solutions. Only bold, future-oriented, world-changing innovations have the power to reverse the unfortunate future of our society and our place on this planet. We believe it is our job to help encourage positive progress where we can.

As entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, we know that every challenge is a blessing in disguise and an opportunity to do better. We no longer want to stand on the sidelines, we want to support the bold founders who are struggling with their mission, the investors who are struggling to find the right ideas, and the skilled teams who are struggling to bring these ideas to life. Our support helps companies make the most of their time, energy and capital in the process.

Our ambition — What drives us? Soulmates Ventures is driven by the ambition to:
1. Create products that have a real global impact, both on the environment and on society
2. Triple the success rate of venture investments
3. Pay our dues in the next generation of capitalistic models, which we believe will be dictated by the economy of sharing and sustainability

Our goal — What are we looking for? We’re looking to find the next 10 innovative and attractive companies that best fit our above ambition, arming them with the expertise and tools necessary to achieve success.

By funding each of these companies with up to $500,000, we’re looking to refine systems in areas that positively affect peoples’ lives and the planet: air, water, energy, energy, healthcare, food & agriculture, impacting on a circular and sustainable economy.

Our team — Soulmates Ventures is a private joint-stock company in collaboration with Made by Soulmates Limited, an award-winning Prague-based brand development and innovation studio.

Our vibrant and dedicated team specialise in the areas of brand development, communications, technology, production, economy, legal, environmental challenges, the global economy of sharing, economy of sustainability, and venture investing. Together, we are working on changing the world.