This summer, Soulmates Ventures embraced the coastal vibes as the leading partner of Cashflow Summer 2023, an event for the business and investment community, organised by Tomáš Zdražil.

Cashflow Summer serves as a hub for modern investors, entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs, nomads and their families. The event showcased over 40 inspiring speakers, lecturers, and performers that shared their expertise on a wide range of topics. These discussions, ranging from sustainability and entrepreneurship to technology, innovation, health, and biohacking, provided attendees with a wealth of fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Soulmates Ventures left a significant mark on Cashflow Summer 2023, actively engaging in three pivotal panel debates. The first panel, titled “Impact panel – How to approach charitable and CSR activities of your business,” saw a dynamic discussion on charitable activities and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in business. Esteemed panelists included Čestmír Horký, Director of the Help Foundation Fund and founder of the project znesnáze21; Václav Gregor, Partner at Soulmates Ventures; Petra Cihlářová, Managing Director of UP271 and Vojtěch Konečný, Co-founder of Wakawai. The conversation on sustainability proceeded with the “Panel on ESG,” emphasizing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria in business practices.The panel featured Václav Gregor, alongside his Soulmates Ventures team members Tomáš Kabeláč and Michal Sikyta.

Lastly, the panel “How to acquire external capital for your company or project” addressed a critical aspect of business growth – acquiring external capital. Václav Gregor led the discussion, drawing from his extensive experience in securing funding for sustainable ventures.

The camp wasn’t all business; attendees engaged in ice baths, saunas, sports, musical evenings and campfires, fostering both relaxation and networking. These various activities strengthened personal connections and shared visions for the future. Profits from the event were pledged to support nonprofit organisations, underscoring a commitment to giving back.

We look ahead with anticipation to 2024’s event, where it will be transitioning into an innovative sail camp in Croatia.