Our team participated in the Innovations United Conference 2023 in Prague’s Martinic Palace, which included topics that centred around themes of Innovation, Finance, Sustainability, and Inclusion. The conference provided key insights into the evolving realm of AI, aligning seamlessly with Soulmates Ventures’ focus on sustainable technology investments. Discussions on AI intelligence and safety, highlighted by emerging regulatory frameworks like the EU AI Act, offered valuable context for our investment strategies, while presentations on practical AI use cases in businesses, especially in banking, demonstrated real-world applications and future potential. Both informing our investment approach.

Opening of Innovations United Conference

Participating in the Innovations United Conference was a worthwhile experience for Soulmates Ventures. We appreciate the organizers for facilitating this event, one that focused on current trends and industry insights.

The conference provided a good opportunity for learning and networking, some that’s becoming increasingly important for staying connected within this evolving business landscape. Soulmate Ventures looks forward to similar future events and collaborations that align with our corresponding mission and values.