At the CESA pre-event in Bratislava’s Zaha Hadid-designed SKYPARK, hosted by ZAKA VC and Startupeak, we connected with leading venture funds and startups, setting a productive tone for the upcoming gala. This event spotlighted the unique dynamics of venture investments, especially within the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region.

Tomas Vysny, Tomas Obrtac, Stefan Köppl, Csaba Kakosy, Andrej Petrus

Featuring insights from Csaba Kakosy (Day One Capital), Stefan Köppl (Samira Advisors), Tomas Obrtac (KAYA VC), and Andrej Petrus (ZAKA VC), with Tomas Vysny from 365.fintech moderating, the panel offered a deep dive into venture capital trends and the CEE’s distinct market challenges and opportunities. The discussions enriched our understanding and highlighted the CEE region as a key player in sustainable and innovative ventures. This not only provided us with valuable perspectives for future investments but also emphasized the CEE’s growing importance in the global venture capital landscape.