Soulmates Ventures recently had the privilege of participating in the Czech Innovation Week in Prague, a gathering of global visionaries and thought leaders.

Our portfolio startup, “Unmanned Life,” made a significant impact at the event with its Co-Founder and CEO Nicholas Zylberglajt featuring as a key speaker. Nicholas explored topics like Open Data, electric vehicles, autonomous robots, and the societal impacts of technology and AI. He emphasized the critical role of Open Data in creating efficient, sustainable transportation systems, reflecting its growing importance in our tech-driven society. The potential of electric vehicles to reduce carbon footprints and promote sustainable solutions was a focal point of his address.

Alongside Nicholas, the panel featured notable experts including Umberto Fugiglando, Head of Research at the Senseable City Lab at MIT, and Jean-Luc di Paola-Galloni, Corporate Vice President of Sustainability and External Affairs at Valeo Group. Their combined expertise offered a multifaceted perspective on sustainable transportation advancements.

Stage of Czech Innovation Week

For Soulmates Ventures, Czech Innovation Week was an opportunity to engage in strategic discussions on sustainable robotics and new technology implementations. Our support for startups like “Unmanned Life” aligns with our mission to invest responsibly in environmentally impactful technologies.