“Invest in Bravery” celebrated its third edition, this time captivating audiences in the historic city of Prague. The initiative, spearheaded by David Nichols and Ondrej Homola from N1, emerged from a global collaboration among investors and entrepreneurs.

Its mission is to aid Ukraine through business: connecting Ukrainian startups with global investors and combating war fatigue by highlighting positive stories and the remarkable companies Ukrainians are building against all odds. This not only shows resilience but also creates opportunities for Czech businesses.

Day 1: A Showcase of Czech Innovation

The event kicked off at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, bringing the Czech startup scene into focus. Quickfire pitches from 17 companies cut through the usual long-winded presentations, and an evening event brought influential people from funding circles and startups together, underlining the possibilities that come from collaboration.

Day 2: Diplomacy Meets Innovation

On its second day at Kaiserstein Palace, the “Invest in Bravery” conference featured keynotes from Czech, U.S., U.K., and Ukrainian diplomats discussing strategies for Ukraine’s future. Esteemed speakers, such as the Czech Minister of Transportation Martin Kupka, U.S. Ambassador Bijan Sabet, and U.K. Ambassador Matt Field, highlighted the global community’s support for Ukraine. Eleven Ukrainian startups showcased their resilience and innovation through pitches, demonstrating the thriving entrepreneurial spirit amidst adversity. Panels addressed critical themes such as leveraging investments and technology for Ukraine’s reconstruction, the adaptability of startups in times of uncertainty, and the significance of a new investment strategy akin to the Marshall Plan for Ukrainian innovation. Discussions also ventured into the resilience required to sustain innovation in conflict zones, drawing parallels with experiences from other regions.