We recently organized an investment workshop where we introduced our know-how and experiences around investing into early-stage, purpose-profit driven startups.

This workshop was an invite-only for our community of angels and VC investors, who wanted to benefit from our investment and DD strategies.

The workshop was held in our new functional space for sustainability – Sustainability Hub Prague, as a part of our ecosystem’s activities to accelerate the development of the sustainability startup industry within the CEE region.

“We held a private event for a few selected investors and I’m glad that not only we had a full house, but everyone took away great tips they can apply to their own investments, portfolio startups or know-how on how to improve their Due Diligence to avoid investments going wrong. I feel like this time is all about partnerships. The previous phase of society that people like Mr. Bill Gates help shape was all about informational content, today we are overwhelmed by it, we couldn’t possibly consume it all. The quickest way to succeed is to partner with strong groups. Partnerships and community-based thinking are the new cool,” commented Soulmates Ventures CEO, Václav Gregor.

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Soulmates Ventures Investment workshop

Soulmates Workshop

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