Soulmates Ventures recently participated in the renowned Techchill event in Riga, an important gathering in the tech and startup landscape of the Baltics, organized between 17 to 19th April.

Attended by over 2,300 professionals from 40 countries, including 250 investors and 600 startup representatives, the event served as a ground for networking and collaboration. Our main goal at Techchill was to forge connections with international partners and scout for startups with a strong commitment to sustainability. The event boasted more than 110 inspiring speakers and hosted over 35 side events, enriching our experience and providing numerous learning opportunities.

A major highlight of the event was the Fifty-Founders Battle, where a range of startups, including notable winners SUBmerge Baltic and Salesforge, competed for securing substantial investments.

At Soulmates Ventures, we are passionate about driving progress in the sustainable tech ecosystem, and Techchill has allowed us to explore new partnerships and innovative ideas.