Soulmates Ventures co-organized a workshop in Prague with the Chambers of Deputies Parliament of the Czech Republic and Josef Flek, MP, facilitating a discussion on the current landscape and challenges within the Czech Health-tech sector. 

Here you can find a stream record from the event(in Czech language).

The event has been designed to open a dialogue on the prevailing state and challenges within the Czech health-tech market, with a specific focus on highlighting the Czech state’s role in nurturing innovative healthcare founders. It also incorporated inspiring presentations by the internationally accomplished Czech startup founders of, Kardi AI, Aireen, VR Medicals, and Mebster.

Our team in the Czech Parliament

Soulmates Ventures is proud to have co-organized this workshop in the Czech Republic, fostering a space for founders, investors and startup enthusiasts to exchange insights, and address the hurdles and opportunities that shape their journey. While there’s certainly more work ahead, this marks a promising step towards reaching the heights achieved by other countries, such as the Baltic countries.

As partners of this event, we were dedicated to supporting and promoting the dynamic landscape of Czech healthcare startups, and were committed to accelerating innovation throughout the environmental and education sectors too. The success of this event could pave the way for further showcases of remarkable Czech healthcare startups.

In conclusion, we’d like to thank all participants in this enlightening event, which fostered collaboration and innovation in the vibrant Czech healthcare startup ecosystem, through an enriching exchange of ideas and insights.