Soulmates Ventures participated in the 8th Annual Summer Entrepreneurship Camp: Empowering the Future.

The Summer Entrepreneurship Camp, held from July 16-22, at Nemojanský mlýn near Vyškov, marked its 8th successful year in 2023. Soulmates Ventures has been continually engaged in this unique initiative, one that focuses on the personal and professional development of youth from children’s homes and within vulnerable environments.

Vaclav Gregor at the Summer Enterpreneurship Camp

The camp, which is designed to prepare young individuals for a more independent and successful life, was blessed to hear from multiple successful managers and entrepreneurs, including Soulmates Ventures’ CEO, Vaclav Gregor.

This year’s camp spotlighted digital entrepreneurship and artificial intelligence, both of which are crucial skills for the future. Specialists such as Michal Daniel, from Notino, presented on these topics, which helps to amplify the camp’s contemporary relevance. This focus aligns perfectly with Soulmates Ventures’ ongoing commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, particularly when it comes to investing in and nurturing projects centred around artificial intelligence.

The presence of our CEO, Vaclav Gregor, in the “Guest Chair” session enabled participants to engage with a leader in sustainable ventures, teaching them valuable and unique first-hand insights that further synchronise the camp’s values with actual sustainable business methodologies.

Soulmates Ventures’ involvement in the 8th Annual Summer Entrepreneurship Camp underscored its commitment to social responsibility and mentorship. This collaboration symbolises a step forward in nurturing a new generation of leaders who will soon be ready to make meaningful contributions to the world of sustainable business and technology, helping to shape our future.