As the popularity of AI continues to rise, we are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation. Our journey led us to the AI Startup Pitch Contest in Ostrava, where we delved into the exciting world of AI advancements and entrepreneurship.

We gained an insider’s perspective at the event, with our founder Hynek Sochor taking on the central role of the jury member. His task was to assess founders who presented groundbreaking AI solutions.

Collaborating with prominent platforms like Dny AI and CzechInvest, the event united visionary founders who showcased ideas leveraging AI’s potential to create a tangible global impact. With a commitment to the intersection of AI and Sustainability, Soulmates Ventures took center stage in supporting entrepreneurs dedicated to creating a greener, more efficient future.

This event underscored the expanding influence of AI across various sectors, from healthcare to finance and beyond.

In the company of fellow ventures, including Purple Ventures, Y Soft Ventures, V-Sharp Venture Studio, Tensor Ventures, CzechFounders, and UP271, the AI Startup Pitch Contest facilitated networking and collaboration among like-minded individuals, all sharing the same goal of utilizing AI for a positive global impact.

In conclusion, the Ostrava AI Startup Pitch Contest provided a compelling glimpse into the dynamic AI landscape and its profound potential to shape our world.